Don't Let That First Date Outfit Get You Hot Under the Collar: A Men's Guide on What to Wear

Don't Let That First Date Outfit Get You Hot Under the Collar: A Men's Guide on What to Wear

Finding the right shirt to go with that first date outfit can be a headache. Be confident come the big night with help from this men's guide on what to wear.
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Men's Guide to DatingYou do not get a second chance to make a first impression. The saying ‘clothes make the man’ stands true and you ought to make a good selection that will leave a lasting impression as you go on your first date.

Finding the right shirt to go with that first date outfit can be a headache. Be confident come the big night with help from this men's guide on what to wear.

Picking a First Date Outfit

A first date gives you a chance to portray to your love interest just how interesting you are. You would like to prove how you are the best from the rest and need to pull the look that will hook her to you.

However, to accomplish this, you do not necessarily have to dig deep into your pockets. Check out our sale to get a luxury look within your budget.

You will have to pull an authentic look and also feel comfortable. The look shall mainly be determined by the activity: a visit to a bar, strolling at night, or a date at the cinema. Your choice of cloth also depends on whether it shall be a date night or a day date.

First Date Outfit Ideas

Here are some ideas on what to wear on the first date for guys. Your dress code shall depend on the date, time activity and the season. The code is mainly to dress for the occasion while being comfortable enough.

In addition to that, you are to step out with your best foot forward and in your best pair of shoes. Your confidence and your smile will also win your date’s heart.

Day Date

Khakis or a smart pair of jeans are the best picks for daytime dates. You can never go wrong by wearing this with a checked shirt or a polo shirt.

If you are up for a lot of walking, select a comfortable pair of shoes. If it is a date full of activities and out in nature, you can never go wrong by wearing a stylish jeans jacket.

Dinner Date

You are definitely a man who has style and you would like to wine and dine while looking fine. You have to look like a winner when you are going on a dinner date. Well, you already are a winner, so it is just for you to get that look after you book your date.

If you are going out to a fancy and high-end restaurant, you can play it safe by going with a simple but stylish look. To achieve this, you need to get a shirt and suit that fits you well. Leather brogues complete the look for you to step out in style.

Wearing accessories is optional since the style is meant to be a right fit and depending on how formal you would like to look, you can wear a tie or not. The colors you select will depend on whether you will be seated indoors or outdoors. This is because the lighting does affect your look depending on how well it blends with your outfit’s color and your skin tone.

Picnic Date

Depending on the type of weather, you can choose outfits which will keep you comfortable and cool. Navy blue jeans are the best pick when going outdoors and this can be matched with a black top. To stay warm, you can wear a wax jacket. This gives you a classic and rustic but sleek look.

Dinner at the Parents

Congratulations to you if you have been invited to meet the folks! This definitely keeps you on the spot and you will have to walk, talk and look decent enough.

You can never go wrong by wearing a good pair of jeans and a shirt that has subtle patterns. A lightweight jacket over this gives you a warm and comfortable look.

Street Market

You may both be an outgoing pair and choose to have a fun date at a good festival or a street market. To go with the mood, choose bright colors and comfy clothes which give you a relaxed look. White trainers match well with any color you pick and are a good pick for your walk around town.

Movie Date

You may be heading out to watch stars on the big screen but you and your date are the main people featuring on that day. You will need to style up but in a not too formal way. To achieve such a look, a shirt, designer blazer, and sweater will blend well with chinos.

Chinos are practical and with these, you will sit comfortably and enjoy the movie. Jeans, especially skinny jeans, will not give you such comfort. Since it may get hot and a bit stuffy in the cinema hall, be warm enough since you would not want to be removing layers of clothing in the limited seating space.

A pair of Oxford shoes complete the look for you to step out in style and you can use this guide to select a pair that fits you.

Happy Hour

When you are going to grab drinks with your date, you ought to go with a look that gives off a good mood and one that will make you feel good. A good combination will be jeans and a sweater since it gives you a classic look.

A peacoat also goes well to complete the look. Although some bars may have restrictive dress codes, you can find a way to step up and go out in style.

Weekend Brunch

A date over a weekend brunch is a relaxed one and you would like to portray a relaxed look but still be well-dressed. However, you should stick to soft colors. Plaid shirts are the best option for such dates.

If it is a date during the summer season, you can look cool yet relaxed by wearing comfortable shoes and putting on light layers of clothes. To stay warm over cold seasons, you can wear flannel and pull a great look without necessarily looking like a lumberjack.

Home Dates

Although home dates may give you the chance to be as comfortable as you can be, you still need to make the effort to make an impression. Although you may be showing off your cooking skills and your not so humble abode, you should also wow your date with your look.

You can never go wrong by wearing loosely tailored trousers with cardigans and jumpers. Do not forget to put on your best pair of socks; no peeping toes allowed! A warm look and warm embrace are good for a first home date.

Holiday Party

It's a festive mood and you also feel good. You can ditch the shirt and tie and opt for a casual first date outfit. This can be achieved by wearing a patterned shirt to pull off a semi-formal look by. If the weather may be a bit chilly, having a turtle neck sweater will give you a cool, casual look while keeping you warm.

To stay comfy through the night party, put on a pair of khakis or chinos. Also, you can never go wrong by wearing polo shirts during warm weather. Depending on your date activity and the combination of your look, you can put on sneakers, boots or leather shoes.

Boots boost your confidence and add a little height. If it is a date during the cold season, you can stay warm by wearing a coat, striped or a sweater.

Additional Tips on What to Wear on a Further Date

Have the date location in mind so that you can dress for the occasion. To ensure that you will be in top form for your date, consider the following tips:

Pay Attention to Details

It's all in the details and you should pay attention to them. Women have a keen eye and you are the subject for the date, therefore, you should have every crease ironed out and have a good color combination.

Get the Perfect Fit of Clothing

You should wear clothes and not vice versa. Know your body type and put on comfortably fitting clothes, which enable you to move with ease.

If you are shopping online, get it right by using the US men’s size chart.

Wear a Watch

A watch is the best accessory for men and it completes your look. Be on time and have the time of your life.

Polish Your shoes

Step out looking cleaned up, from head to toe. Don’t forget to polish or clean your shoes before a date.

Smell Good

Personal hygiene is very important and you can look good, feel good and smell good during your date. A quick spray of your best cologne near your neck and inside your shirt does it.

Quality Underwear

Inner clothing is just as important as outer clothing. You can have a good thermal vest over the cold season and also wear quality briefs that fit you perfectly.

The Don'ts of First Dates

There are also some things that you should not do to have a successful first date. You definitely should not be late! The following are some of the don’ts of first dates.

No Wearing of Sunglasses or Hats Indoors

Sure, it may be hot outside and you need to have protective wear. However, as a sign of being more approachable and to make good eye contact with your date, remove your hat and sunglasses as soon as you step inside your date location.

No Hoodies

If it is cold, you can opt for a warm coat, denim jacket or a cashmere sweater.

Don't Wear Open-Toe Shoes

Before you get to reach a level of comfort around each other, you need to stay well-covered-up, your toes included. If it is a date that is way too casual, you can wear closed shoes such as loafers or moccasins.

Don't Wear Busy Patterns

You may try to be very creative but remember, you are dressing up for a date, not a circus. Try as much to select neutral colors and if you want to display your creativity, you can play it safe by having a colorful pocket square or wearing happy socks.

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Generate Interest with Your First Date Outfit

The main thing you would want to achieve on your first date is a second date. A successful hook up is achieved when you have the best look, conversation and moments. You do not have to stress much when you want to dress to impress and have the best first date outfit.

If you are searching for a tailored look or if you want to ask us any question on the luxury men’s wear, please feel free to contact us.

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