About us

Jared Lang, founded in 2010 is a luxury lifestyle menswear brand based out of Miami, Florida. Infused with a modern European designs, unique handcrafted engineering, compelling color combinations, vibrant prints and bold designs found throughout the collection.

Jared Lang, founder and CEO was born in Montreal, Canada and attended fashion school at College LaSalle.


Jared Lang in Aventura Mall

Q&A with Jared Lang

Tell me how the brand/clothing line got started?

I was always the guy who cared about the clothes I wore and the way I looked. So much so that I decided to pursue an education at 19 years old at La Salle College Fashion School in Montreal, Canada. Once I finished school, I had the opportunity to work for my father, who was a 2nd generation ladies outerwear designer. Unfortunately, I had no interest whatsoever in this field, and for a short period of time, became an entrepreneur in online advertising, where I was fortunate enough to make a lot of money at a very young age. A few childhood friends decided to start a fashion label and approached me about being involved with the company from a financial standpoint. Although the partnership was short lived, it inspired me to create my own designs. A few trips to Europe later, the Jared Lang collection was created.

I decided to call it Jared Lang because to me, making it personal adds value to the brand. It’s worth more. It's not a company creating the brand.... it’s a person creating it. It's a personal reminder to always put 100% into everything I design.

How would you describe the Jared Lang look/style?

Sophisticated modern menswear.

What inspires you to create your fashions?

Travel is a big thing that inspires my designs. The art, photography and films of the places I travel to, such as Italy, Paris and Turkey are extremely influential in the design process. From color, to texture, to cultural trends... it all comes from my travels.

When designing pieces do you have a particular person/person’s style in mind?

James Dean. He's a cultural icon with a cool, rebellious style. Everything a guy wearing Jared Lang should feel like.

What does the future look like for the Jared Lang brand?

2018 holds exciting, massive growth for the Jared Lang brand. We just opened our first flagship location in the Aventura Mall and hope to continue developing the retail side of the business. We are continuing our efforts to create distinctive, yet sophisticated product that sets itself apart from rest. I refuse to use flashy logos, as I feel the deigns allow the brand to speak for itself. You know its Jared Lang without having a logo tell you it is.

Personally, what are some of your favorite pieces from the latest collection?

I love the lumberjack plaid designs used in our new After Hours collection. The bold colors make such a unique statement. I love taking a challenging design and turning it into something both wearable and highly fashionable. Same thing with our shoes. Generally, a Velcro strap is worn by a young child, or an older gentleman. I have designed a Velcro shoe that not only looks cool, but is easy to wear with your everyday look. (See images attached.)

What do you love about creating fashion?

I love to put product out in the market that doesn't exist yet. I love traveling, seeing new things that inspire me to create new looks. I enjoy visiting the fabric mills, getting deeply involved with production; from pattern making, cutting, sewing.... I love being involved in every detail of the process.

What are the future plans for Jared Lang?

We have a few tricks up our sleeves, with big plans for the future. Ultimately, we plan to grow exponentially and build the right team around us.