Why and How Italy Makes the Best Men's shirts and Fabric

Why and How Italy Makes the Best Men's shirts and Fabric

Italy is a leading textile producer when it comes to menswear and men's shirts. Here's why this Mediterranean country produces the best types of fabric, and how.
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Italian Fabrics are the Best

Think your men's shirts are high-quality? Unless they're made with Italian fabric, you could be wrong. Italy is still the leading textile producer when it comes to menswear.

If you're curious about why this Mediterranean country produces the best types of fabric, and how, read on!

Why Italy Makes the Best Types of Men's Shirts Fabric

Italian fashion and Italian fabrics have always left designers a little awe-struck. How did that come about, and is it still true today, even with all the new clothing technologies out there? The answer to that is that they absolutely still are the best types of fabric around, and we're going to tell you why.

History of Italian Fashion

Italy today is still one of the leading countries when it comes to fashion design. It competes with other fashion giants like France, the United Kingdom, and the US. While in other countries fashion can be removed from the day-to-day realities of many other countries, Italians have fashion in their DNA

The idea of dressing up, and wearing the best men's clothing for your figure and stage of life, are important parts of Italian culture. This can be traced back to the 11th-16 centuries when there was a real focus on all things creative. Luxury goods like hats, cosmetics, fabrics, and jewelry soared in popularity in Italy during this time.

After a decline in the 17th to mid 20th century, in the 1950s the 'Italian School' of fashion started to compete with French haute couture. Labels still sought-after today sprang up, like Ferragamo and Gucci.  

Men's shirts Made in Italy

The label 'Made in Italy' arouses very different ideas to the 'Made in China' we are all so used to seeing nowadays. When we see 'Made in Italy' we think of high craftsmanship using luxury textiles. From men's shirts, shoes and hats to suits, 'Made in Italy' is a mark of luxury and quality.

Even French, British and US luxury brands source materials in Italy. Some famous Italian fashion designers include Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and Dolce and Gabbana. Italian fashion is known for elegant, understated elegance using the highest quality Italian textiles.

Italian Fashion Shows

Milan Fashion Week happens twice each year. It takes place after the London fashion week, and again prior to the Paris fashion week. Held in various locations, the show sets the agenda for fashion.

While women's fashion often splashes our newspapers and televisions, the advances in Italian fashion for men are every bit as important during these fashion shows.

Why Italian Fabrics Are Still the Best

There are a few factors that make Italian fabrics unique and luxurious. Let's take a look at six reasons Italian fabrics are so amazing:

1. Luxurious Softness

Italian fabrics often use angora wool, taken from the angora rabbit's undercoat. This animal originates from Italy which is why the fabric is so particular to the region. If you've ever worn angora wool you'll have noticed he incredibly soft and comfortable feel of it.

2. Original Weaving

The Italians were real pioneers in weaving. Any designer who knows their stuff can spot an Italian suit by looking at the weaving alone.

3. The Italian Mills

Italian fabrics aren't sent off to India or Bangladesh for finishing, and that's evident in the quality of the final product. Founded in the early 1900s, many Italian wool mills are still in operation. They produce the premium wool and cotton used to make high-end Italian fabric garments.

4. They Last Longer

Since Italian fabrics use superior wool and closely monitor the milling process, it's of superior quality. They don't cut corners. That means that every piece of Italian fabric you buy is a sort of investment.

It's something well made, using centuries of expertise, the polar opposite of fast, throwaway fashion.

5. Organic Textiles

Rea Italian fabric is made from all-natural, totally organic textiles. They don't mess about with cheap and synthetic alternatives. Natural textiles like wool, linen, and cotton are carefully woven by experienced tailors into exclusive, luxurious menswear.

6. Exclusivity

Because Italian fabrics aren't produced on mass in cheap factories in China, they have limited availability. A relatively small number of items can be made from each fabric run, making them scare and exclusive. 

How to Make Sure You're Buying Quality Men's Shirts

Increasingly, the market wants authenticity and quality over quantities of throwaway alternatives. Look at Italian nylon - a very high quality knit fabric. It can stretch in four directions with quick recovery, is resistant to scratching and even has antibacterial qualities!

Choose the Right Fabric for the Season

There's science to choosing the right fabric for this season. If you're headed into winter, look for heavy, warm options. If it's summer that's around the corner, hold the designer shirt fabric up to the light.

The more light that you can see through the fabric, the more breathable it will be. Italian linen is wonderful in summer - stylish but fresh. It can cost a little more but treated well, it'll last a lifetime.

What Men's Shirts Fabrics to Choose for Different Activities

When selecting clothes for different activities you'll need to think about the audience, required movement, and the image you want to put out. For work, it's helpful to remember you should always try to dress for your promotion, not the job you're in. What we wear is part of body language.

You want your manager to easily see you in a more senior role, with bigger responsibilities. By regularly dressing in fine shirts for men made from luxurious filtration fabrics, it won't be long until you have a seat on the board room. Don't worry about looking overdressed, as there are easy ways to dress a suit down and make it more casual too.

If you want to feel younger, or perhaps you have a speaking gig, you can team a well-just sports jacket with designer jeans to give a sporty, athletic look.

When to throw your shirts away

The wonderful think about Italian shirt fabrics is they are so well made they really can last forever. Hand-wash them, or have them cleaned gently by professionals, and you'll see what an investment you've made. The only time you'll have to give away an Italian fabric is if you've gained or lost a serious amount of weight.

Before you do throw away a piece of Italian fabric, however, it's worthwhile talking to a quality tailor. Being well-made, durable fabric, there's every likelihood it can be adjusted to your new size. If they say it's not possible to make an adjustment, perhaps they can reuse the fabric as a panel on another shirt or suit.

It's refreshing to have clothing of such high-quality it can be adjusted and even repurposed. We've all gotten so used to unsustainable, low-quality clothing that we assume we'll have to throw it out and buy more. With Italian fabrics, that's absolutely not the case.

Aren't Italian Shirt Fabrics Expensive?

Italian fabrics can be on the pricier side of fashion. There are certainly reasonably priced options that use them. Look for sales and even factory outlets for the best deals.

We would also challenge the idea of looking for 'cheap'. If you reframe the purpose as 'finding value', then Italian fabric and fashion are investments. Think about how long they'll last you, and how much more of an impression you'll make on people around you.

If wowing your manager, your friends, and your employees with impressive  men's shirts made from Italian fabrics isn't an investment in your future, what is? Next, when you buy throwaway fashion, you aren't buying something that is necessarily cheap. You're really just passing the cost onto somebody else.

Like the environment, for unethical industrial cotton farming practices. Or onto children and women living under the poverty line in sweatshops to make a shirt that you feel better fits your budget. We don't know about you, but we certainly feel more comfortable wearing high-quality clothing at a fair price, that will last us a long time.

That's a decision every individual can make for themselves.

Are Italian Fabrics Best for Mens Shirts ?

Italian fabrics make stylish women's dresses and jackets. But if there's one thing the Italians are most famous for, it's the unsurpassed quality of their shirts for men, Italian suits, linen pants, sports jackets - there are few things they can't do exceptionally well in menswear.

Be it for men or women, Italians see men's clothing as the path to beauty. Men's clothing is the thing that brings out our best qualities, that highlights the best parts of our bodies. In suits, Italian fabrics communicate importance and status.

Forget throwing on whatever's nearest and easiest in your wardrobe. When you get used to the feel and structure of Italian fabric and fashion, it's hard to return to what you wore before.

Often we assume confidence comes from the inside out. Yet, there's a funny twist to that with clothing. When you dress your best, and the outside can be what inspires confidence inside.

We look in the mirror and see a better version of ourselves, and it inspires us to roll our shoulders back and hold our heads high.

Can I Buy Men's Clothing Made from Italian Fabric Locally?

All this raving about Italian fabric is well and good, but you don't shop at Gucci and have no plans to head to Italy anytime soon. So what can you do? The great news is that there are local suppliers with designer clothing that you can easily access: Jared Lang.

Jared Lang is a luxury lifestyle men's clothing brand based in Miami, founded in 2010. At Jared Lang, we have short collars that are slim fit. We have trims in collars and cuffs.

At Jared Lang, you'll find all the stylish elements that make the man. You'll see modern Italian fashion in every detail of our designs. From unique handcrafted engineering to color combinations, and vibrant prints throughout our men's collection, well-known worldwide for its quality and regular appearances in the fashion press

You can find a wide range of patterns, from jacquards, checks, stars, and twills to flannels. We use Italian fabrics in our designer shirts. You can wear them untucked, tucked in, with rolled sleeves or buttoned that - whatever works for your style, and your lifestyle.

It's the perfect place to buy the high-end clothing you deserve, for dates, work, business meetings, or important dinners.

What's the Story of Jaren Lang Menswear?

When Jared Lang was 19, he began studying at LaSalle College Fashion School in Montreal, Canada. After experience in a fashion label with some friends, he was inspired to create his own label. It was such a part of him, it felt only right to give the label his own name.

The sophisticated modern menswear of Jared Lang is inspired by his regular European travels. James Dean is the label's style icon, the man in mind when pieces are created. From pattern making, sewing and cutting, Jaren Lang enjoys watching all parts of the creation of his label. 

It's Time You Got Some Stylish Italian Fabrics!

If you'd like to save your money on throwaway options, only to return to the shop a few months later for more of the same, go right ahead. Perhaps, instead, you feel it's time to really take care of yourself, and buy the sort of clothing you deserve. If you like the idea of wowing those around you with the types of fabric that exude luxury and that last forever, look instead for Italian fabric.

With a long history of craftsmanship and a focus on sourcing the best quality, Italian menswear means high-end value. Best of all, there's no need to travel to Italy to have that sort of luxury in your life. You can shop at a label inspired by Jared Lang's European travels, and created for sophisticated, modern men.

If you're sick of clothes that don't fit well, don't last, and don't impress anyone, then stop buying them. Make this the moment when you leave lesser-quality fashion behind you. If you're ready to buy classic clothes and new looks that impress for work and dates alike, get shopping at Jared Lang today!


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