The Best Men's Style Guide Tips for 2019

The Best Men's Style Guide Tips for 2019

Men's fashion is heating up and evolving this year. Check out the best men's style guide tips for 2019.
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Best Men's Style Guide Tips

There comes a time in every man's life when he thinks to himself: "I wish I looked good." Fashion is an art, and not everybody has the eye for it. Luckily, those of us that do compile lists of what's in this season so that every man can look his best.

Do you want to start dressing in a way that draws compliments from your friends and co-workers?

Style isn't just for the guys on the cover of GQ.  Looking good is just a matter of choosing the right fabrics. For your convenience, we've put together this men's style guide for 2019.

2019 Men's Style Guide

For this guide, we've compiled some of the best style tips for men from those in the know.  The following is designed to give you a seasonal play-by-play of what are expected to be the haute-est looks of 2019.


Spring is in the air, but unfortunately, the air is still a bit chilly. It's not quite time to bust out your sandals and bathing suit, but you can pack a few of those winter layers away for the next several months.

Keep Your Sleeves Long

During March and even April in some parts of the country, it's still a little too brisk outside to pack away all of your long sleeve shirts. Keep a few hanging in your closet until it looks like the weather is really transitioning into summer.

Choose something lightweight, like cotton.  It will probably be a little too warm for flannel. When it comes to a long sleeve button up, traditional plaid or one tone shirts are still very much on trend.

Dress for the Holidays

The most notable holiday of the spring is Easter, with which comes a certain color scheme that you shouldn't be afraid to rock this year. Pastel pinks and yellows are always a solid choice.

Coincidentally, tie-dye is just now reemerging into the cultural consciousness. If you're looking for a good, lightweight jacket that will keep you just the right temperature, go for one with a tie-dye color scheme.

Designers are trending away from rainbow tie-dye designs and gravitating more towards cool color palettes like blues and purples. The effect is a sort of hazy pastel that's perfect for the Easter holiday.

Be Unexpected

Proceed with caution: this next style tip is only for those who really want to be at the forefront of fashion in 2019. We wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to be this bold.  

One of this spring and summers biggest, most anticipated trends is looking to be the phenomenon of the Bengal shirt. These shirts are really more like a tunic, as they hang down to about the knee.  But they are highly versatile.

A big statement is the uneven tuck. Leave one side of the shirt hanging loose while the other side is tucked in normally. This asymmetry might leave you feeling unbalanced, but this edgy look will not go unnoticed.

If you're going to go for the Bengal shirt, we suggest one with stripes or another defining pattern. A one tone Bengal shirt can have the unfortunate effect of looking like nurse's scrubs. If you insist on a plain Bengal shirt, throw a jacket on top of it.


Sun's out, guns out. And legs. And maybe even chest, if you're a sun worshipper. 

Summer is the season to cut loose and have some fun, both in life and in your closet. This means getting rid of sleeves and dressing in colors that pop and are certain to attract eyes from across the beach.

Cut It Short

Short sleeves are back in fashion, and that includes the workplace. We know what you're thinking: aren't button-up short sleeves are a little Dwight from The Office?

Here's what to do. Get a well-fitting, slim cut button-up with a noticeable but not too audacious print. White dots on a wine red or navy shirt are a stylish but professional choice.

And don't wear a pocket protector.

Knowing Your Color

Summer is the season to express the colorful side of your wardrobe. Move past those Eastery pastels and go full-on hot pink.  But how do you know what color is your color?

It can be quite daunting to really find that perfect shirt that looks great and accentuates your personality. Learning a little color theory would do any man's closet a world of good.

Decide which color profile best suits you. A "cool" color palette consists of greens, purples, and blues. A "warm" palette has reds and oranges. Finally, a "neutral" palette includes whites, blacks, and beiges.

What color profile suits you depends mostly on your skin tone and hair color and how much they contrast.

Be aware: it's great to throw some color into your wardrobe, but favoring a warm color profile doesn't mean you need to wear a red blazer with yellow pants. Choose one pop of color and pair with a neutral outfit.

Flower Power

Have you noticed that your fashion-forward friends are looking a lot more...floral lately? That's because prints, especially floral or abstract floral prints are possibly the fashion statement of the year.

It wouldn't seem like it, but wearing a shirt with flowers on it actually makes you seem more masculine. A real man can dress like a Home Depot garden department and work it!

Now, like a prominent color profile, floral isn't exactly subtle. Choose one part of your outfit to sport a floral pattern. This could be a top, a pair of shorts, even a tie. Shirts are the most common option, so make you have a neutral, tan pant on deck.


Fall is approaching. Leaves are falling, your summer body is starting to fade away, and if there's a thing you like it now comes in pumpkin. Now is a good time to bust out that flannel you've had packed away and maybe attempt some facial hair.

But for men looking to upgrade their wardrobe, what styles are coming in with the cooling of the air. For the answer, we may have to look to the past.

Going Retro 

The 70s are back, baby! And while that could mean shaggy hair and a pair of round frame sunglasses if you want it to, we're most excited about leather.

Leather jackets had receded into the annals of history for the last decade, worn exclusively by biker gangs and their wannabes. But with the resurrection of late mid-century fashion, the cool kind of leather jackets are back on the rack.

Faux fur is also on the uptrend right now, so go for a bomber jacket or a leather coat with a fur collar lining.

Be sure, though, if you're going to invest in a leather jacket to try on as many as it takes until you get the golden fit.  A good fit for a leather jacket is paramount to pulling it off. An ill-fitting suit makes you look unprofessional; an ill-fitting leather jacket makes you look uncool.

Suit Yourself

Trends for men's suits and professional wear have an unfortunate habit of changing whenever the wind blows. Do you wear a colored shirt with a suit or stick to basic white? Is a black suit still in or are you going to look like you're attending a funeral?

Suits make a man look his best but if your suit is outdated or ill-fitting, trust us, people will notice. 

Take this opportunity to introduce some color (or at least not black) into your suit rotation. A sleek, gunmetal gray, a tan, or even a navy blue could make a statement at this office while still remaining professional.

If you're feeling really daring, try a patterned suit. Plaid or pinstripe is usually a safe, universal bet for a suit that can work well both in the office and for a night downtown.

Luckily, the suit game has more options this year than in years previous.  Single and double-breasted blazers are both in at the moment.  Choose a suit that gives you a generous silhouette and broad shoulders.

And please: be mindful of your shirt choice. A shirt with a bold print goes well under any color suit if you wearing it casually. But if you're wearing a suit to work, throw on a white shirt. Not something pastel. White.

All Tied Up

While we're here talking about suits, let's briefly touch on ties. Ties are...well, they're not quite dead, but the vital signs aren't good

A tie is kind of an either-or situation.  If you're wearing a suit jacket, ditch the tie, it just makes your outfit look cluttered. If you really like your new tie, wear it with a basic, one tone shirt; sleeves rolled up; no jacket.


Winter is often a tumultuous period, with the harsh weather and holiday blitzkrieg consuming most of your time and energy. For this reason, you may think to just throw on a hoodie and some earmuffs and call it a season.

Don't. You've been stylin' all year, what are people going to think?

Perhaps due to the sheer amount of clothing you have to wear, winter is often the year's peak of fashion sensibility. You've got whole new elements in play: hats, coats, dare I say even gloves?

Wrap It Up

For the gentleman who likes to accessorize, bold scarves are going to be in this year. The great thing about scarves as an accentuating piece is that they can operate both fashionably and functionally.

Go with a patterned, wool football scarf to keep warm or something silk with bold print if you're just trying to draw some eyes from across the room. A good scarf can go with anything, so if you've got a neutral coat, feel free to pair it with something daring.

Puff Is In Fashion

And, if you're in the market for a new coat, consider putting your old, reliable parka or peacoat on hold this year. Try a puffer jacket.

Yes, this is well off the order of what you usually wear.  Hear us out. 

A good North Face or Patagonia down puffer jacket is more versatile than you'd think. Consider it less of a coat and instead the final layer of your ensemble. A lot of men are leaving their puffer jackets unzipped, expressly for showing off their outfit. 

Wearing a peacoat or trench in places like Chicago or New York, you couldn't get away with this. A puffer jacket offers more insulation than your average coat, so keeping the zipper down won't come at your expense.

2019 is the year to go off brand and get away from those same old beiges and cold grays. Get a puffer coat in a vibrant, Crayola color. 

A No-Sweat Guide to Sweaters

And to go under that brand new down jacket? Get yourself a knit sweater. Or three. You can never have too many.

For a long time, knit sweaters were relegated to the "things your well-meaning grandma got you" aisle of your childhood memories. This is understandable; the 90s murdered fashion and sweaters were the victim. 

But! Sweaters are now making a well-deserved comeback. A good wool knit sweater can be the stand out of an outfit, especially if it's in a statement color like lapis or Tuscany (government names "blue" and "yellow").

Try to go for a simple, one-tone sweater. Stripes and two-tones are on the way out and sweaters with a knitted Santa Claus on them are strictly for Christmas parties at the office.  

Turtle-necks are also working their way back into mainstream acceptance but probably go for a black or gray on those.  If a turtle-neck feels a little too European for your sensibilities, by all means, stick with a crew neck.

Reenvision Your Closet

We're still at the outset of 2019; you've got ten whole months left to give your humdrum, outdated wardrobe a facelift with our 2019 men's style guide.

If you're looking for more in-depth style tips or a place to buy top shelf clothing, shoes, or that perfect summer shirt, you've come to the right place.  We're a one-stop resource for the fashionable gentleman.


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